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I own three Rolleiflex cameras: a 2.8D Planar in superb condition, a 3.5F Planar and a T in fine order with Tessar from the last batch. Finding out about old Rolleiflex cameras and accessories isn't particularly easy. A good friend, Antony Raynor, lent me some information passed on to him by his late father, which I thought may be of interest to Rolleiphiles! Below are thumbnails of scans from an R.F. Hunter Ltd, London catalogue dated 1961. Click on any to enlarge (av. 340k!)

 Front Page(226889 bytes)Intro (357446 bytes)Tele Rolleiflex(339881 bytes)Rolleiflex 2.8F(324427 bytes)Wide Angle Rolleiflex(408499 bytes)Rolleiflex 3.5F(390248 bytes)Rolleiflex T(316638 bytes)

Rolleiflex 4x4(250947 bytes)Rollei Magic(306001 bytes)Rollei Projector(482663 bytes)Table Projector + Lens accessories(394523 bytes)Filters(382297 bytes)Lens accessories(426545 bytes)Accessories (416275 bytes)

Accessories (474190 bytes)Accessories (427274 bytes)Rolleikin + Plate adapters(374527 bytes)Rolleiflash(414493 bytes)Pentaprism + Marin(452368 bytes)Micro attachment(294158 bytes)


Can I recommend to those of you who own Rolleis with ground glass viewing screens to put a Fresnel-type replacement on your birthday present list. You will read elsewhere from people far more experienced than myself, that the difference is huge. From my own experience I can certainly confirm this!

I bought a Maxwell Hi-Lux after speaking to Bill Maxwell (he rang me at home in the UK in response to a letter I sent). This man is a gentleman, extremely knowledgeable and his product quality far exceeds the high expectations that I had. I promise that you will not be disappointed! He can be contacted on: (404) 244-0095 (Decatur, GA. USA)

The screen was fitted by Brian Mickleburgh of 'The Studio Workshop', London who's work I also hold in high esteem. (0207 278 7633)



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